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While most men would like to think they've got what it takes for amazing sex every time, the truth is that the reality falls short of their intentions. Here are 5 things all men can do to have better sex.


Given the degree of negative attention sex can provoke in the media, I thought why not offer a synopsis for my readers on the current science of Why Sex is Important for Your Physical and Mental Health! I am pretty darn sure that this is the first time I have written on the subject here. Yep, definitely sure. Outlined below are just a fraction of how sex can be beneficial to your physical healthy and well-being. I do however need to share that you should consider the following: Act responsibly, be kind, all good things in moderation (but who defines moderation?), check with your doctor (really?) and do not partake in while driving.


Men love (at least mine does) it when the woman is in the top position. I call it taking the lead or getting in control. It's not always easy climbing on top of your guy and let him have sex the best way you know how. Before you do it (or if you've been doing it and want to perfect it) you need some tips on different ways to pleasure your man to be as smooth as possible.